For our last project we introduced Porcelanosa to supply the bathroom suites and tiles including the kitchen, family and dining room areas. This was not planned at the outset as their showrooms indicate expensive products.  However we were pleasantly surprised.

The designs were soon underway and orders finalised. Customer care was clear from the outset and continued throughout the build and beyond.

On completion I was invited to visit the Porcelanosa factory in Spain and apart from the factories being cleaner than you could have ever imagined, the sheer scale of the operation and extent of the products available was mind blowing.


Known mainly for their tiles, the extent of style type and make up was endless.  To support the full bathroom design, they offer a multitude of bathroom suites fittings and fixtures.  Needless to say, we are sold on their design, quality and customer care.


The next surprise was the range of kitchens.  UK showrooms only include a small sample of their full range, but for our next development we have ordered one contemporary kitchen and one traditional shaker style.  Once they are in, I’ll report back to confirm if they meet the high standards met so far.


I highly recommend Porcelanosa and recommend a visit to one of their showrooms.  They look a little intimidating, but well worth a visit.


Dream Home Build

I had the opportunity to meet with a client today who is part way through their self build.  Its a real privilege to be able to see a design take shape and witness the excitement of the client as things progress.


This was a two bedroom tired bungalow which is currently being replaced by their dream house;  A 4 bedroom detached house, with vaulted ceilings, home office, snug and open plan kitchen and family room.


Its still a long way off, but the timber frame is up and the roof is now being completed.


The garden is steeply raked, so the kitchen window is wide and shallow but includes a glazed sloping roof.


The Master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling and large picture window.

I’ve been following their blog with interest and can’t wait to see the finished building.  You can follow progress via the client own blog; https://140kidmoreend.wordpress.com/





Moving home is becoming a rarity

Following a recent survey by Savills estate agents on behalf of BBC news, it looks like moving home is becoming a rarity with more people choosing to extend and renovate.  This is not only due to the rise in house prices, but also the cost of moving and availability of suitable property.

According to Savills, before 2008 the average family moved 3.6 times after buying their first property which has now fallen to 1.8 times over their lifetime.  This is certainty true form my family.  We have remained in the same property for 21 years, extending and improving over the years as our requirements change.

If you are thinking of a new start, why not consider extending, renovating or redesigning your current home.  For a free initial consultation, please get in touch. Email: mark@b-dbm.co.uk or Tel: 07971177573.

To read the full BBC article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43541990

Client before and after

As I was in the area, I thought I’d drop in on a client just in the throws of completing their build.


The house started as a 3 bedroom brick house with a large garage atop of a lane of traditional brick and clad houses.  We designed the house to include 2 new bedrooms with Ensuite facilities, a new family room, utility and shower room for the growing family.  For kerb appeal, we emulated the traditional houses in the street with a contemporary twist.  With brickwork painted on the lower half, the upper floor was clad in a dark composite board.  I think the results are starting to speak for themselves.



Cycle for Life

We all have a charity close to our hearts and one of mine is the British Heart Foundation.  On March 24th I’ve signed up for their 40 mile London to Reading bike ride to help beat the UK’s single biggest killer.

Although I’ve not done much cycling of recent years, I thought this would be the perfect goal to get myself back on a bike.

If you are able to give a little to this worthwhile cause, I’d appreciate your support;




Welcome 2018

To start the year we are finally complete on the two houses, signed off by Building Control and just awaiting the warranty paperwork.  One house is sold and the other receiving offers which is great news.

Elsewhere I’ve been working on plans for extensions for clients in Shinfield (again, the same street) and Tilehurst as well as pushing the completion of a different two storey extension in Shinfield.  Hopefully I’ll have some photos soon.

Meanwhile, clients in Emmer Green start the demolition of their bungalow to make way for their new two storey family home have started their own blog.  So any self-builders out there wanting to know what it takes, have a read;  140kidmoreend.wordpress.com

Electric UFH – How expensive is it to run?

The most popular way to heat a room is via a gas fired boiler central heating system with wall hung radiators. This is still the cheapest was to heat your home when up and running but is it the most efficient? With wall hung rads, heat is concentrated from a single point, relying on convection to move the heat around the room. This means it’s more than likely one wall and your ceiling will be warmer than the rest of the room. The benefit is a running cost of 7p per hour based on a 30sq/m sized room.

Under floor heating does provide an even heat across the room and a wet system running off that gas fired boiler is certainly the most efficient and cost effective to run, but it is more expensive as well as intrusive to buy and install.

If you are renovating a room rather than building, an electric UFH system might be the answer.  The benefit is a cheaper installation cost and minimal increase in floor height.  If you are considering this, there are two options depending on the required use; taking the chill off floor tiles in the winter or using it as the main heating source for a room.

The first option would require a 100 kW/h system and depending on the size of the room and your energy supply rate, would as an example cost 24p per hour based on the same size room as above. However, this is only good for warming the floor, so you would still need another heat source, perhaps a traditional wall hung radiator.  Both running together, would equate to 31p per hour.

If your electric UFH is the main source of heat, you will need a 150kW/h system and based on the same sized room, would cost 36p per hour to run.

You will need to apply your own supply rate whilst considering how insulated your home is and how warm you like it, so the above rates are for example only but does provide a good comparison.


We are delighted for our Shinfield clients who received planning approval for their two storey extension yesterday.  This will be three houses in a row we have had the pleasure working on successfully gaining planning permissions.

This project will provide a 4th bedroom, utility, additional shower room plus an open plan kitchen / family room opening up to the garden.


proposed capture.PNG