Arborfield Rd

So I’m back in Arborfied Road for the 4th time.  Planning and Building Control approvals have been got and work on site is finally coming out of the ground.

To date, construction wise, this has been one of the hardest and slowest builds to get out of the ground.  Firstly the shared drain ran directly through the corner of the proposed foundations, so had to be moved but kept live each night.  Next the existing soil pipe was cracked, so had to be replaced section by section to again keep it live every night, only to find it dropping to over a metre in depth and surrounded in concrete.  Next up, the water main had been replaced at some point in the past and was now running the entire length directly where we wanted to run our new foundations, so had to be cut and moved temporarily.

Once we got over those hurdles, we reduced the levels to ready the ground floor slab only to find the existing house had zero foundations and so had to be underpinned!

The shame of all this is the time, effort and cost invested in the project to date will all be buried in the ground and never seen again.

Of course all of this has lead to delays on site, but the brick layers got the wall up quickly so lets see if we can get the roof closed in before Christmas!


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