For our last project we introduced Porcelanosa to supply the bathroom suites and tiles including the kitchen, family and dining room areas. This was not planned at the outset as their showrooms indicate expensive products.  However we were pleasantly surprised.

The designs were soon underway and orders finalised. Customer care was clear from the outset and continued throughout the build and beyond.

On completion I was invited to visit the Porcelanosa factory in Spain and apart from the factories being cleaner than you could have ever imagined, the sheer scale of the operation and extent of the products available was mind blowing.


Known mainly for their tiles, the extent of style type and make up was endless.  To support the full bathroom design, they offer a multitude of bathroom suites fittings and fixtures.  Needless to say, we are sold on their design, quality and customer care.


The next surprise was the range of kitchens.  UK showrooms only include a small sample of their full range, but for our next development we have ordered one contemporary kitchen and one traditional shaker style.  Once they are in, I’ll report back to confirm if they meet the high standards met so far.


I highly recommend Porcelanosa and recommend a visit to one of their showrooms.  They look a little intimidating, but well worth a visit.



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